Friday, 21 August 2009

last night was amazing !

i went to see U2 last night on their sold out 360 tour and loved it, it's the first time i've seen them live (my dad's seen them 4 times grr) and it was just incredible..
there were soo many people and we had a great view of the stage, it was a really amazing night.

the stage.

view from my seat.

stage with 360 screens

another view.. (the stage kept changing colours :) )

love this one (minus that dudes head lol) can't believe how many people were there..

this was towards the end of the night, Bono told every one to get out their phones & then they turned off all other lights.

p.s. i'll see if i can get some vids up soon :)
but here's a link to 'with or without you' that was recorded last night:

p.p.s. i found my bracelets haha i knew they'd turn up ..

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