Wednesday, 29 July 2009

i know i haven't posted in a while, i will soon :)
god knows where beth's got to with her posts though lol.

so it's summer, not that you'd know it.
seriously, in summer i want sun, fun, friends, bbq's, time to relax :) but nope, i'm home, it's raining outside, i'm so bored lol.
one good thing that's come out of my boredom is i've been to the gym twice this week (!), although i hate exercise it's actually not that bad.. although that could have something to do with these three guys that have been there both times ;) if that's not motivation i don't know what is haha.

and there's hollister opening near me tomorrow too (yay!). so me & rach are gonna go and check it out, already been on the website seeing what i want..

anyone fancy sending me some money haha ?


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