Wednesday, 22 July 2009

beth x

so we thought that if we wanted people to follow our blog, it'd make sense that you knew a little about us,
but since none of us are the types to talk about ourselves, we're doing it for eachother :)
so prepare to learn a bit about Beth ..

i first met Beth at secondary school four years ago, and she hasn't managed to get rid of me yet ;)
i love her to bits, everyone does.
She's 15. a great friend, laidback/easy going, funny, pretty, stylish, thoughtful & obsessed with friends :) you think someone like this would be really big headed right ? nope, she's so modest it's untrue.. when i told her i as writing about her today she said ''try & make out i'm a bit cooler than the geek i am haha''.
she's not a geek though lol, she loves music, fashion, dance, books, magazines, films. & i don't know why she's friends with me really.

we've got quite a lot in common; similar tastes in music, tv, humour & fashion.. which is mainly why we set up this blog together, because we love putting together different clothes for different looks. (i think the style advisor at topshop gets annoyed that we have to try on almost everything in the shop.. more than once)

bet you love her already, yeah ?
i know i do :) x

me & beth, (she's on the right) x


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